Friday, July 23, 2010

List of Wedding Tasks

These are my wedding tasks to tackle this weekend:
  • Finish making wedding slideshow
  • Finish making table numbers
  • Decide on floating candle arrangements for cocktail hour (indoors & outdoors)
  • Finalize/confirm floral decisions with florist
  • Continue to stalk people that haven't RSVP'
  • Cut out votive templates
  • Wrap votives
  • Start creating directions for decor set-up 
  • Make hair appointment
  • Make wedding photography checklist
  • Pick out wedding day purse
  • Work on floorplan/table assignments
  • Get some sun so I'm not a pale bride!
And if I have any time left over, I might start thinking about designing a place card template.   Only 28 more days!!!

1 comment:

Mom said...

So impressed that you marked everything off your list! Looking forward to the fitting and dance lessons this weekend.