Friday, July 2, 2010

First Fitting

Tomorrow, Christina & I will be going to my first fitting.  I'm excited to do something that focuses on being the bride, rather than all of the crazy planning.  I wonder if my veil will be there yet....  I'm assuming they'll be checking the length and the fit and all that good stuff, but I'll also have to decide what I want to do about straps.  I think the best idea I've heard is to wear them for the ceremony and then take them out for the reception (they said they can put snaps in so I can just take them out when I want).  Pretty cool, huh?

I'm happy to say that I finished the menus tonight!  Here's a picture of the final product.  We're definitely going to use the easel stand, but I'm not sure about the candles yet.

I still have many candles to wrap and tons of programs to glue. Luckily, my mom helped me with the binding (using her sewing machine), so the insides are put together, I just need to attach them to the outer cover now. Hopefully I'll get through a lot of that this weekend!

*Oh, and by the way, can you believe the wedding is only 49 days away???!

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Tova said...

OOHH this is the fun time of wedding planning when all the projects in your head come together and everything is real! enjoy!
~Tova ( aka vistagirl from weddingbee