Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hair Trial

The trial went well and I think with a few minor modifications the day of, my hair will look great. A few changes I would like to make to have a more "polished" look:
  • get full highlights next time I get my hair done - I think that will help to "blend" the style together quite nicely
  • have more structured curls that are pinned in place vs. as many messy/loose curls - I do like the loose curls, but I just want fewer of them on the day of
  • start the style a little further up on the top of my head or at least build the curls up in the center so it kind of "rounds things out" vs. looking at me from the front and only seeing hair sticking out from either side
Here are some of the pics (remember, this style was not heavily hairsprayed and is only 90% of what it will be the day of):

Also, I must mention the most terrible customer service I've ever experienced in my life. Here is the complaint letter I sent to Sally Beauty Supply:

"I am writing to report the most terrible customer service I've ever experienced.  I frequently shop at this store (at least several times a month), and while the customer service has never been outstanding, I have never been treated with the level of disrespect I experienced today. I was going to the store to get some supplies for my upcoming wedding. I entered the store to see several employees gathered around the register (one of which was sitting on the counter top) and started toward the products I needed. As I walked forward, a loud voice screamed "I said HELLO!". Startled, confused, and very caught off guard, I peered out behind the shelf and asked this person if they were talking to me. (I guess this person said hello to me as I walked in the store, but I did not hear her.) The woman then pointed her finger, yelling, "Yes, that would be you!" Rather than arguing with a clearly irrational person, I stated, "Okay, I'm going to leave now." I walked out of the store and can honestly say that I have no intention of ever returning. Typically I would not go out of my way to tell others about terrible service, but this is a rare exception. It is unacceptable for anyone to ever be treated this way."


jenny said...

It looks like you! def do this! very pretty curls

Ina said...

love it! i'm so glad it worked out.

eww, was that the sally's in the st thomas shopping center?

Jessica K. said...

yes it was!

Susan Amestoy said...

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Your hair looks great!