Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wedding Confusion...

So we were all ready to book a room at the bed & breakfast close to the house in Damascus, and were planning to visit the house this weekend- then we (75% me, 25% Scott) started to question the idea of doing everything ourselves. Do we really want to have a ceremony and reception at the house where we're staying at all week? Do we really want to plan every detail of this reception and rely on several vendors to pull through on our wedding day? Are we putting to much thought & energy into making sure our guests will have plenty to do if they come to the wedding? Do we really want to drive 4 1/2 hours every time we need to meet with florist/officiant/planner/etc.? Should we choose a beautiful ceremony site and then plan everything else around that? We never really did come up with any answers, but we did start to broaden our search and focus on finding a beautiful place to hold a ceremony. We're not sure about this weekend, but I'll post more when we figure it out. In the meantime, look at the new links & pictures below of all the new places that we found. My mom is going to help with calling some of them to see whether they're available and/or affordable. Will keep everyone posted!

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