Sunday, November 29, 2009


Photographers in the area:
I like some of these guys more than others. I really like Carol McDonald, although she photographs in the Poconos. I emailed her to see if she'd be willing to travel to eastern PA for our wedding, because her rates are much more reasonable than lots of the photographers in the Philly region. Even if she charged to travel, it would probably still cost less than some of these other photographers, and I think it'd be worth it since I like her photography style. I emailed everyone on this list to see more about packages/rates/availability. Will post more as I narrow down the search. Oh- we also started looking at music for the ceremony/cocktail hour this weekend. We're awaiting a few CDs, so I'll post more about that after we get more info in the mail.


8 said...

I liked Laurie Beck, Carol McDonald and Sarah Dicicco best. They seemed to have some really beautiful traditional ones but also some cute original ideas for pics. (for whatever it's worth)

Jessica said...

Ahhh- you didn't like Lorraine Daley?? Sarah Diccio ended up being ridiculously expensive (like $8000 or something), so she's not an option anymore. I like Carol McDonald too- I forget what Laurie Beck's prices were, I'll have to double check!

8 said...

Ahh. I must have totally missed that one cause she is awesome. Lots of cute pics. The engagement ones were awesome. Although there was one couple I just couldn't stand cause they were so pretty. Anyway - tough choices!

Sarah DiCicco said...

Hi Ladies, This is so sweet, I hope it is okay that I am chiming in... I love all of the photographers you pick and thank you for putting me on your list! I know photography is the hardiest to decide on for your wedding, after all it is the only thing you take with you after your wedding besides your rings and spouse.

The biggest suggestion I can give you is to always follow your heart. When you meet with a couple of photographers, you will get an idea of who is being upfront with you. Once you will get that same fuzzy feeling you had when you met your fiancée, you will know that you found your photographer.
Ask questions Like:
How much is overtime?
What do you charge for enlargements?
Do you retouch your proofs?
What is the definition of proofs?
"this is different to every photographer" For example, I spend 40-80 hours after each wedding to put my finishing touch on 1200 images.
Some photographers do no retouching and cut them on to CD's. They are called digital proofs.

I hope this helps in your selection process...

Remember to keep it simple! The last thing a bride needs is more decisions and have to many options and packages. Image quality should always come before add- ons and albums. I know my couple’s would rather have 1200 amazing moments captured and perfected rather than formal album filled with a handful of mediocre images that they had no option or choice!