Sunday, November 15, 2009

Busy Saturday

Saturday was a very long, but productive day. We saw all the places we had planned to see, which ended up giving us great insight because each place was so completely different. Here's my description & review of each place:

1) Holly Hedge Estate - small bed & breakfast-type place - 15 guest rooms - nice property, nice ceremony and reception location - priced above-average
2) Normandy Farm - medium sized hotel/conference center that used to be a farm - has 113 hotel rooms & 28 guest suites - has an okay ceremony site (with a good indoor alternate) - has a pretty cocktail hour area and pretty reception hall - very reasonably priced
3) Fonthill Castle Estate - historic landmark - looks much better in pictures - prices are okay, but still are a little high given that they don't include alcohol in the package

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