Saturday, April 24, 2010

Our Menu

I created our menus today. I think I'll put 2 on each table and set them on mini easel stands. Before I print them all, can you guys please help me proofread?

We picked out our cake (it's included in the package) when we were at Normandy last weekend.  The quality of this picture isn't very good because it's actually a picture of a picture, but you should get the basic idea.  Imagine it without the flowers because we'll probably do something a little simpler than that.  A sidenote: the cake is not crooked- it just looks like it because I took the picture at an angle.

Today I went shopping and got a few wedding-related items, I'll write more about that tomorrow. Right now, we're going to research more honeymoon stuff. We've narrowed the search down and are leaning toward Body Holiday or Jalousie Plantation.


jennyb said...

carrot is spelled wrong.....come on jessica, don't you remember winning our tickets to no diggity by saying that word! the other words, that I at least know, are spelled correcty, some of the crazy words I will have google because I'm not a chef! haha, I will check again incase I missed something. everything does sound delicious

Jessica K. said...

Haha- thanks! I made the change and uploaded a revised menu... carrot is now spelled correctly!

Laura said...

It looks to me like the entrees have a different font/size than everything else. I don't know if this is intentional or not but I just thought I would point that out. Otherwise everything looks ok to me. Oh and I noticed that the plum and tomato are separated by a line and I see that it is for spacing but if the font is different maybe it would solve that problem. Sorry if I'm being picky but I just thought you would want me to use a discriminating eye. Luv ya!

Ina said...

awesome menu!
there's a ton of choices!
the only other thing i saw was you have the first letter of each item within the dish capitalized but under dessert nothing but the first letter in the entire description is capitalized. i noticed the same with the served with sections in the entrees, but sizzle rice is capitalized after served on? i would imagine you're going straight off the menu from normandy farms so they would probably know better it just seemed to be a little inconsistent with the rest of the menu.
everything sounds great!

eastwinds inn said...

That's a lovely menu and the cake is so pretty too. So, did you held your wedding at Jalousie Plantation hotel? It's a really nice place.