Sunday, April 11, 2010

Imperfection & Weekend Update

I just learned that there was a typo on some of the Save the Dates.  I wish I never knew about this....  We can thank Scott's work friend for bringing that to our attention now.  Sorry to any of you that may have gotten the typo'd version.  I am really bummed that happened, but there isn't much I can do about it now.  I moved all of the templates onto an external hard drive, so I haven't even checked to see how many were misspelled.  I'm hoping it was only one per page, instead of half of each page.  That would mean only 1 for every 8 was wrong.  Ughhh.  Again... oh well.....

This weekend we spent lots of time trying to decide on our honeymoon location.  We finally thought we had it- Curtain Bluff in Antigua.  Turns out they're closed for a few months during the off-season (which is when we'd be traveling there). 

I also spent some time on table numbers.  Scott was really into helping me brainstorm for this idea.  Here's what we decided on:

It might be kind of hard to tell here, but it's decorative paper with the number carved out.  Vellum is attached on the inside so we can light a candle inside of it so the numbers have a "glowing" effect.  I'm in the process of doing a tutorial for these.  I figured it would be nice to do one since many tutorials from other brides have been so helpful to me.

I am looking forward to what Scott and I have labeled "parents weekend".  Next weekend our parents will meet for the first time and we will also be meeting with our wedding planner and officiant.  There should be lots to update!

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Mom said...

Very pretty! How big are they? It is hard to tell from the picture since there is nothing to reference for size. They are really beautiful. Looking forward to the weekend.