Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wedding Invitations - Take 2

After thinking it over, I realized the original invitations that I quickly designed just weren't going to cut it. I kept hearing "the invitations are the first glimpse of what your wedding will be like" and as much as I would love to ignore that stupid rule, I just couldn't. I really love most of the things I've put together for the wedding (out of town booklets, what I've started of the programs, the save the dates) so I just couldn't convince myself to settle thinking that the invites were just "okay". Needless to say, I've started a new idea and I really like it! It's an invitation that sits in the middle of it's own self-enclosed envelope, and has a little pocket on the left side to hold other information (RSVP info, etc.). So, here they are- what do you think??

I'm still trying to decide on the sticker I want to use to seal the invitation, but I'm using a silver heart sticker for now. I'm also considering using the bride/groom stamp I used from the save the dates. I was thinking I might stamp that on the back of the envelope in silver- not sure, but thought it might tie them together.

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Laura said...

The are beautiful! I love the pocket idea!