Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bridesmaid Dresses

Here were my 4 favorites from today (there might have been more, but I ran out of time):
The pictures of me turned out terrible and I'm hesitant to post them because they really don't do the dresses any favors-- at all. Obviously, a professional photographer will be taking pictures from more flattering angles and this will not be an issue on the day of the wedding. I will post the one of me in the dress I liked the most. Disregard the weird skin discolorations on my shoulders- I was trying to photoshop my bra straps out to make it look nicer.

And on the model:

The problem with these two dresses is that the one on the left comes in a color I really like, but not what I had planned to have for the wedding and the one on the right- I'm not completely sold on the bow. If there were a way it could hang down and not be so obnoxious- I would really like it.

So, I saved the best two pictures for last. Hahahaha. The 6554 was waaaayyy too big for me, so trying it on really didn't help at all. I think the look on my face here is priceless. My other complaint about that one would be that I'm not too sure about the halter- it is flattering, but might not be fancy enough to go with my dress. The 2792 was also too big, which made it look pretty unflattering when I tried it on. My main reason for posting these two pictures is just to give an idea of how different some of these dresses are once you try them on....


Laura said...

The blue dress picture is crackin me up. I like all the dresses though, but it is hard to tell what they look like though cause they are so big on you. I don't think that the blue dress is too casual - but that is probably something you can tell in person better.

jenny said...

ahhaha your face is priceless

Ina said...

yeah they are so huge on you it's hard to tell.
the one with the bow... i'm sure there could be different options on what you could do with the sash.
i really like the first picture too.