Sunday, March 21, 2010

DIY Update

As I worked on the invites this weekend, I also decided to take on one of my more "fun" do-it-yourself projects. I wish I could remember where, but a while back I saw this idea to make bride & groom signs. The signs can be used to hang on your doors while you get ready the day of the wedding, you can hang them on your chairs at the reception, and if nothing else, they're a good photography keepsake. Here's the finished product:

Here are the pictures of the votives I've been working on. I printed the damask on vellum (instead of regular paper) because it had a nicer glow to it when the candle was lit.

Also, I heard from the lady at the bridal shop and the orders were placed on Thursday morning!


Mom said...

Love the signs. The votives are very pretty too. Where do you plan to use them?

Ina said...

Cute signs!
And I really like the vellum idea.

Haha, I really don't think you have enough projects going on right now.