Monday, March 8, 2010

DIY Distraction

Since I wasn't feeling great today (recovering from my vacation illness and now herxing after restarting my antibiotics again), I decided to distract myself with a new project. I've seen some ideas for decorating your own votives, and I decided to experiment. I made one with patterned vellum, another with pink paper and heart cutouts, and another with ribbon. Here's how they turned out:
Vellum Votive

Ribbon Votive

Heart Votive
I really like the first 2 for inside, and I think they would look pretty on the reception tables in 4 clusters of 3. (I keep seeing that look, and I really like it.) I think the pink votives with the heart cutouts would look cute outside. Maybe they could outline the terrace, which would look really pretty after the sun sets.


Ina said...

i saw the bottom one while dining with kutcher this weekend. i think votives are a really cute addition to tables and give like that low romantic glow. i have about 100 of them that i couldn't use for my wedding cause of the wind if you want to take a look at them and see if they might work for you?

Ina said...

oh and i hope you feel better! i'll be around all this weekend if you need anything.

jeeny said...

i really like the second one with the ribbon