Monday, June 7, 2010

Busy Busy

We are trying our best to get the invitations out this week.  I think we'll get it done-- just a couple of more labels to re-do and 3 more envelopes to print.  There is so much to do for the wedding (almost every single day), and there have just been too many things to post about.  My biggest project lately has been the programs- making them has been so time consuming.  Luckily my mom has volunteered to help bind them with her sewing machine (can you believe staples wanted $300 just for binding them??), so that should help take some of the pressure off.

It's really easy to get so caught up in the planning process and focus too much on making sure everyone is going to have a great time.  I know that everyone says that no one cares about your wedding as much as you do, but it's just so hard to hear that when you put so much effort into planning an event that you want everyone to appreciate and enjoy.  Anyway, I really liked what our officiant wrote it our most recent email exchange... it really captured what I try to think about as much as possible, but need to remind myself of more:

…it is a time for you to enjoy your friends and family because you will never be together in quite the same way again.  Weddings truly are life-changing events.

That is so true and I think that is why it is so easy to get carried away with all of the details.  One of the most important details is the "family and friends" because without them, the wedding just wouldn't be the same.  : )

I am looking forward to our first dance lesson this weekend, it should be a nice distraction!


Ina said...

awe what a great outlook! it is so easy to lose track of that simple point amongst all the millions of details.

have fun this weekend! it's so cute you guys are taking dance lessons.

Laura said...

I agree. I'm sure you are doing a fantastic job on everything but most of all I can't wait to share all these "once in a lifetimes" with you roommate. Love you so much!