Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wedding Postage

We received our custom wedding postage in the mail this weekend- how cute is that?
All of the invitations are officially done, and we plan to send them out some time in early-mid June.  So far, we have about half of the envelopes printed, stuffed, and stamped. 

Our apartment looks like a disaster right now with all the boxes from things that we've ordered for the wedding!  We received the tall vases and will be experimenting with them this weekend to decide how we want to set up the place card table.  I'll post pictures of that later.

Extra thanks to my bridesmaids for the juicer.  I'm trying to fight off this nasty cold/flu I caught while I was home, so I taught myself how to make my own O.J. yesterday.  Delicious and great for you.  I love it!

Also- I added some new pictures from the bridal shower, so scroll down to the previous post to see them (if you haven't already).


Ina said...

awe bf so sorry you're sick. that sucks especially when it's warm out!
glad you like the juicer. haha i can't imagine all the things you are going to make with it.
and the postage is soooo cute! what a great finishing touch to the invites.

Laura said...

Love the postage dude! I hope you used your cute little juice glass with the oranges on it! Feel better soon. Love ya!

Mom said...

Love the stamps. Adorable!