Monday, May 10, 2010

Place Card Table

We've been brainstorming some ideas for our place card table and here's what we've come up with.
... 3 tall vases that will hold floating candles or floating flowers- with the possibility of dying the water pink.  We'll also place pink squared votive holders in rows of 3 to separate groups of the place cards.  We ordered a few things this weekend, so we'll experiment when everything arrives.

Here's the inspiration for this idea.  (from TheKnot)

But we're thinking we will do pink water or just leave it as is.  We ordered these vases (3 of them):

And plan to float candles (probably hot pink and black) near the top of the vase:
Here are the votive holders (in pink) that we'll also place on the place card table.

We also ordered some floating candle bowls for the cocktail tables.  We'll probably float candles or gerbera daisies in these:
Still going crazy trying to figure our what I'm going to do about these flower girl dresses. I found one that I really like (and thank you for your "reviews" Christina!), but I am still not certain. Maybe I'll post some pictures of those next time. Can't wait for my shower this weekend- so excited!!


jenny said...

love this idea, may be my favorite one of yours so far!!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I followed your signs from Wedding Bee to here. I love your style and your wedding colors.

This is an incredible idea. Can you tell me where you order those beautiful vases from?


Ele -