Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ceremony Sites

Turns out that Mountain Springs Lake Resort won't let you have your ceremony there unless you also have the reception there. The Stroudsmoor has a similar policy, although is a little more flexible... they offer ceremony-only packages if you are getting married in January-March, or Monday-Thursday year round. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like either one of these places will be an option for us.... So, my new plan is to start contacting wedding planners out there and see if any might be able to recommend a good place that would allow a ceremony without requiring the reception be held there too. I emailed a few on Friday, but they haven't all gotten back to me yet. I was really just trying to get and idea about their services/rates, so I'll post more about this when I get some more info.

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Ina said...

It breaks out places that have ceremonies & receptions, places that just have ceremonies, and places that just have receptions. Not sure if it would be in the area of the Poconos you are looking at though, but thought this might be helpful?