Sunday, January 23, 2011

Favorite Pictures Part I - Ceremony

I'm not sure if any one even still looks at this blog anymore - it's been so long since I posted and I needed a LONG break from everything wedding related. Anyway, our online gallery is going to expire soon, so we're trying to decide on our favorite pictures to get to hang in the house. Here are some from disc 1 (of 2 discs) that are in the running:

It is so difficult to choose which ones we like best.  We are trying to choose 2 of these, because we'll probably choose another 1-2 from the reception photos on disc 2.  If anyone still does read this- any thoughts on which ones we should pick?  Any input would be greatly appreciated!


Ina said...

hi bf! hard choice!
i love all of them. :)
my favorites (for hanging wall pics) are...
def # 6
love #7
i think #3 is so cute.
and #1 cause its a great pic of you two and you look so happy.
my first choices were 6 & 7 because i think #6 is stunning and #7 is unusual, not your everyday smile picture.
I think they are more artsy which is why I think they would look great as a wall piece.

Jessica said...

Thanks- I love 6 & 7 too! I was thinking the same thing about those two. I think the lack of smiling makes it like an "old timey" picture, like before people smiled in photos. I also like how that picture captures my whole dress. I think I might have to end up choosing a third one though because it's such a tough decision. My third choice will be either photo 1,2,3, or 4. Maybe 1 and I can put it next to the picture of the non-smiley one? Or 4? I don't know... I do NOT miss making these decisions! :) Thanks for your input!

Wedding Flowers Co said...

Beautiful photos! Congratulations to you both!

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